In 2011, the Ministry of Labor, Social Insurance and Social Solidarity ordered the full digitization of the training voucher management. For this purpose, it recommended the «TRAINING VOUCHER» system, which aims to achieve a structured path for the entry of unemployed in the labor market. The «TRAINING VOUCHER» is being supported by an integrated information system which provides and manages educational and vocational training services (Training Voucher –, which was designed, implemented and is operational under the CTI “Diophantus”, which is an institution supervised by the Minister of Education and Religion. Using the «TRAINING VOUCHER», the Ministry of Labor provides civilians, businesses and the supervising public authorities with high quality e-services. Those services address the management of the training life cycle, i.e. since the date of the beneficiary’s application submission until the payment.

Since April 2012 (when productive functioning commenced), twenty four (24) calls have been implemented through VOUCHER, with five (5) of them still being active and with a total of 575.759 participation applications. In total, 449 training providers (749 structures) and 85.088 businesses have offered theoretical and practical training, respectively, to 160.662 beneficiaries.

The «TRAINING VOUCHER» consists of individual specialized subsystems, which are factored conveniently for each call, thus supporting the work flow and the data management that is expected per call. In addition, the «TRAINING VOUCHER» exchanges data online with other public information systems, like those of the Manpower Employment Organization, National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance, Deposit and Loans Fund, Consignment Deposits and Loans Fund etc., thus minimizing document exchanges and bureaucracy. Concurrently, the engaging public authorities can monitor and supervise in real time the procedures that are expected for the training programs through the «TRAINING VOUCHER», dramatically reducing the managing cost, as well as the completion time of the implementation, monitoring and control procedures of the programs.
Co-financed by Greece and the European Union

Design & implementation: Greek School Network and Networking Technologies Directorate of Computer Technology Institute and Press "Diophantus" (CTI)